The purpose of this questionnaire is to ensure that my puppies are matched with the best home for each of them. Please complete the following questions.  There is no right or wrong answers.  Please answer honestly so that I can best match you with a puppy most suited to your home and family.


Name: ___________________________________________________________________________


Address: _________________________________________________________________________


City: ________________________________ State _______________ Zip: _______________


Res. Phone _____________________________.  Bus. Phone ____________________________



Please circle


I am interested in a male/female GSP.

I am open to any sex.   Y or N

Have you previously owned this breed?  Y or N

What animals do you currently own? _____________________________________________


Which of the following reasons best fit the primary reason(s) you would like to have a dog?

  _____family companion _____for spouse _____breeding _____hunting/tracking

  _____ attack/protection _____conformation /show _____obedience/ show





Name of Spouse/Companion _____________________________________________________


Names and Ages of children:  _____________________________________________________


Is there anyone else who will be living with the dog? ______________________________


Your occupation:  ________________________________________________________________

Work Schedule:     ________________________________________________________________

Typical hours per week: __________________________________________________________

Spouse/Companion Occupation: __________________________________________________

Work Schedule: ___________________________________________________________________

Typical hours per week: __________________________________________________________


How many hours per day, when the dog is left alone: _____________________________

Will you be crate training your pup? ________yes________no

What is the setting of your home?

_____Rural ______Suburb (residential neighborhood) _____Urban (city)


Do you have a fenced in yard? _________ OR _______invisible fence

Where will your dog live during the day?  

                              ______In the house _______Outside ______50/50

Where will your dog sleep at night?

                              ______In the house _____Outside


Is anyone in your family allergic to dogs? __________________________________________

When you travel or vacation will your dog travel with you or be boarded?  __________

Do you need recommendations for boarding facilities? _____________


Veterinarian name and phone number: (Please contact your vet and ask permission for me to make a reference call) _________________________________________________




These questions are not meant to be invasive. I use the answers to make the best decisions possible when helping a family pick their puppy.  The personality of a puppy should match the personality of its family to insure success. 


Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Love Craft’s gsp.

Patricia Elstrodt

Ian Emes

3012 Saunders Settlement Road

Sanborn, NY.    14132




Other info: _______________________________________________________________________